Web Based Applications

A web-based application is any application that uses a website as the interface or front-end. Users can easily access the application from any computer connected to the Internet using a standard browser. This contrasts with traditional desktop applications, which are installed on a local computer. For example, most of us are familiar with Microsoft Word, a common word-processing application that is a desktop application. On the other hand, Google Docs is also a word-processing application but users perform all the functions using a web browser instead of using software installed on their computer. This means that it is a web-based application. It is worth pointing out that almost any desktop software can be developed as a web-based application.

What are the business advantages?

If you are confused or wondering about Web based applications, here are some advantages you may need to know them to improve your business..

  • Cost effective development

  • Accessible anywhere

  • Easily customisable

  • Improved interoperability
  • Easier installation and maintenance
  • Adaptable to increased workload
  • Increased Security

  • Flexible core technologies

During the past 20 years, the web has become the pivotal foundation of modern businesses and the incentive of the entire business industry. It has become a thing that you can't run your business without. The main culprit for this was the blazingly rapid progress of internet technologies, PCs and other devices.

Since the demand for web and mobile applications is growing, new approaches and new technologies are also emerging. In addition to mobile technologies, cloud technologies are also making a rapid and permanent impact on modern business. As businesses are slowly but surely migrating to the cloud, it's inevitable to convert all desktop applications to web-based ones in order to reach the target audience and keep up with the competition.

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